Phases of a Startup

Title: Phases of a Startup
Date: 2007-04-18
Speaker: Mark Jung (IGN)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
Making mistakes is the most valuable part of the learning experience.
Entrepreneurship is a journey.
The first stop is not your last stop.
Don’t make the same mistake twice.
The biggest decision is who the team is you surround yourself with.
Knowledge is power.
Hiding vision from the employees is not a good strategy.
Be prepared for the dark phase. Every company goes through one.
Don’t follow the standard path.
Some individuals are great doers but not great managers.
Your audience will build the brand for you.
There has to be a vested interest for your audience.
When you have gravity you can define market and decide what happens.
Figure out how to leverage big partners but don’t mess up the calculation.
For everything you do to your partner the partner will do something to you.
Honesty is your only currency.
Pendulum swings define everything inside of corporations.