The Role of Entrepreneurship in Solving World Problems

Title: The Role of Entrepreneurship in Solving World Problems
Date: 2007-02-28
Speaker: Tom Byers, Kavita Ramdas, Paul Yock, John Hennessy, Brook Byers, Jeff Koseff, Chip Blacker, KR Sridhar (eWeek Panel Discussion)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
There are no boundaries.
Half a million people die each year from regular flu.
A lot of technologies we need are already being developed.
Inequality, like disease, has no national boundaries.
Energy is a public policy issue.
There is one radio station in North Korea.
Teams work better than individuals.
Entrepreneurship is not uniquely American. Regulatory policy does reward it however.
Public service is part of our obligation.
Learn one language that is not English. Be fluent in it.
Interdisciplinary education. Understand more than one thing well.
Learn to deal with uncertainty.
There are reasons governments function the way they do.
Do lifecycle cost analysis of a project before beginning.