8 Lesser Recognized Forms Of The Resistance

Episode #98 – 8 Lesser Recognized Forms Of The Resistance
Date: 2012-04-12
Link: Lifestyle Business Podcast
Easier to find developers for WordPress and Shopify than Drupal.
WordPress is becoming a more robust platform.
The resistance is the fundamental fears in our system that aren’t clear to us.
Anything that prevents you from having the best product in your marketplace is a form of resistance.
Worry about opt-in form locations once your business is already successful.
Your job can be the resistance.
Reclaim hours as fast as you can.
Don’t spend hours messing around with small things on your website. Task them for later when you can get somebody you can help in five minutes.
Small people shouldn’t do NDAs.
The only thing between you and a sale is payment processing.
Make your goals accountable to other people.
Kickstarter projects are a great exercise in marketing.