Vision, Values & Strategy

Title: Vision, Values & Strategy

Date: 2006-10-18

Speaker: Rick Wallace (KLA-Tencor)

Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders


KLA-Tencor makes equipment for semiconductor manufacturers.

They’re focused on inspection and measurement.

There isn’t silicon in Silicon Valley anymore.

Performance leadership leads to large market share.

Their firm enables Moore’s Law.

You can’t fix what you can’t find.

You can’t control what you can’t measure.

You need to know where you want to go. That needs to be understood throughout the enterprise.

Your sense of values are what guide you.

Investors are different than customers which are different than employees. They all matter.

The only long term advantage you have is your people.

You have to motivate your employees.

It is more important to be the best than the biggest.

If you want people to be honest and forthright with you you need to be that way with them.

The higher the differentiation the higher your gross margin and the larger your market share.

You want to grow faster than the industry.

You can’t fall in love with the deal (acquisition).