Stimulating Innovation and Creativity in the Workplace

Title: Stimulating Innovation and Creativity in the Workplace
Date: 2006-08-26
Speaker: Robert I. Sutton (Stanford)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
Every creative act is doing new things with old things. Ideas don’t come out of thin air.
If you want to have fast creativity you treat creativity as an import/export business.
Encourage people to defy and ignore superiors and peers.
Bring in new people who aren’t biased about the industry.
In the history of famous inventors there is almost always somebody involved who can sell.
Making failure okay increases creativity.
Finding out which ideas are right and wrong is very tough.
If testing something new go to users rather than focus groups.
Don’t sell ideas to managers who manage work they don’t understand.
Most of the money spent on research at universities does not lead to commercially viable products. Enough projects succeed to keep it going.