Nine Lessons Learned about Creativity at Google

Title: Nine Lessons Learned about Creativity at Google
Date: 2006-05-17
Speaker: Marissa Mayer (Google)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
The idea for Google Maps came from an acquisition.
Ideas come from all kinds of inspirations.
Share everything you can.
Book: The Art of Innovation
Take really smart people and give them really good tools and they build amazing things.
Iteration is key.
Launch an innovation and then make it better.
If you iterate quickly people forget about the mistakes.
Data is apolitical.
Creativity loves constraint.
When you constrain your thoughts that is when you see a lot of innovation happen.
Money follows consumers.
Don’t kill projects. Morph them.
Always surround yourself with really smart people.
Serif fonts are more readable. Sans-serif fonts are more legible.
The rising tide floats all boats.