Entrepreneurial Leadership Qualities

Title: Entrepreneurial Leadership Qualities
Date: 2006-02-01
Speaker: Janice Fraser (Adaptive Path)
Link: Podcast
You have to choose your partners based on who you want to go through the rough times with.
The most important foundation for any business is having a solid partnership.
You’re supported by an ecosystem. It is what makes you successful.
Be conscious of the culture of the company.
Be stingy.
Spend money where it has the most value.
Be stingy with features.
For decision making you need to align responsibility, accountability, and authority.
Every company should be a company designed for human beings.
You job as a leader is to create an environment where people can excel.
Books she recommends:

  • Corporate Lifecycles (has reread the first four chapters)
  • The Art of the Start
  • The New Conceptual Selling
  • The Cluetrain Manifesto

Every manager should be able to manage people that are unlike them.
Dissent is always good as long as it is purposeful.
95% of the time consultative decision making is the way to go.