From Harvard to the Facebook

Title: From Harvard to the Facebook
Date: 2005-10-26
Speaker: Mark Zuckerberg, Jim Breyer (Facebook)
Link: Podcast
TheFacebook is an online directory for students.
Had 5.5 billion page views in their 18th month as a company.
When designing they don’t look at what is better for the user experience but what is better for the whole community.
There are a lot of trade offs.
Optimize for what is best for the whole community–the whole user base.
Mark had just turned 21 a couple of months before this interview.
Hire people for their raw intelligence as they can adapt the skills needed.
You need to seed an invite only community.
The very best entrepreneurs are proactive, they deal with tension, are great listeners, and they translate that into interactive learning.
Everybody in the organization should know it is better to experiment, fail, and move on than to not.
Facebook computes the “percentage of realness” that a profile is.
Before Facebook he wrote something that tracked people’s away messages and their times.