The Technology of Podcasting

Title: The Technology of Podcasting
Date: 2005-10-12
Speaker: Evan Williams (Odeo)
Link: Podcast
Podcasting started around 2004.
Podcasting is the webification of audio.
Broadband, iPod, and the web (anybody being able to be a creator) are what caused the explosion of the podcast.
It is a very different experience founding a company compared to working in a company.
Start small. Think big.
If you solve a small problem you can build off of that.
Start with something you care about–that you want to exist in the world.
U.S. radio market is $20 billion.
There is going to be a market for premium content.
Same things will happen to video as to audio.
Audio is the most ubiquitous medium as it is the only content you can consume when you’re out and about (in car, walking around).
Entrepreneurship is a combination of some skills and intense desire. The more desire the more your ability to overcome the lack of skills.
Being a good entrepreneur is being a good worker.
Being a good manager can be taught.
Advertising is generally a bad idea for startups.
Not knowing how to do something is no reason not to do it.
Know enough about engineering to hire people that are good.