Entrepreneurship Within a Marriage

Title: Entrepreneurship Within a Marriage
Date: 2005-05-25
Speaker: Randy Komisar, Debra Dunn (KPCB)
Link: Podcast
Leadership skills is the ability to get people to follow you in a wide variety of directions. Fundamentally the ability to communicate ideas, vision, and direction.
Change management is the ability to come into a situation, find a direction that is significantly different than the current path, and then enroll the team members to go down the new path.
Certain people look for very steep learning curves.
Most of the action is in business. If you want to have an impact then business is the way to do it.
Innovation should solve real problems.
A lot of issues that the non-profit world has currently addressed cannot be effectively tackled without a truly deep collaboration between business and non-profit organizations and in many cases government.
Pursue things that touch your passion.
He made the biggest mistakes in his life when he was trying to plan.
Fundamentally life happens to you. Life is out of your control. If you’re going to live a good life it is because you make the most of it.
Don’t stop learning. Learning is what keeps you vibrant in life.
Fear is a really bad emotion.
Consumers have the opportunity to have a lot of impact.
Consumption is a political act.
Transparency helps fuel competition.
Venture capital is a difficult business.
It takes awhile to get your instincts.
Living with somebody that brings back to the relationship more energy, more enthusiasm, more life rather than taking it really feeds a relationship.