Leading Big Visions From the Heart

Title: Leading Big Visions From the Heart
Date: 2013-05-08
Speaker: Justin Rosenstein (Asana)
Link: Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
It feels like something is coming through me that wants to be expressed to the world.
Make the world a happier and more interesting place.
When people tell you something is impossible be very skeptical.
The number one most requested feature that Facebook gets is the dislike button.
Like button was designed as a way to help the world inform each other rather than a world in which we tear each other down.
The source of all of his passion is that multiple times throughout the day he has moments of complete and utter shock and awe and joy that we are alive.
It is very easy to get distracted by the day to day.
Live every single day to the fullest.
The way we achieve joy is by the giving of ourselves.
The kinds of things we’re capable of doing today are amazing relative to the kinds of things we were capable of doing before email, cell phones, telegraph.
Imagine if all of humanity could coordinate its collective actions seamlessly. Imagine if everybody could work together towards a single common goal.
Do we have the will and tools to align ourselves as a single species?
We have a giant opportunity right now to make the world a much more exciting place.
Values are things we repeatedly come back to.
Mindfulness is knowing what you’re doing and to reflect on what you’re doing. Make sure it is something you want to be doing and that it reflects your values.
Problems are just opportunities.
Every time you’re faced with a decision there are two extremes you can take. In general the extremes lead to negative consequences. The solution isn’t necessarily to find a compromise. Ideally you’ll find a middle way that transcends the negatives.
Pragmatic craftsmanship is that there is no intellectual answer on how to make the call. Hire people who are really good at making judgements.
Understanding the big picture can go down to the tiniest decisions. Focus more on providing people with context about their work, context about the overall goals of the company, and context about values rather than trying to control them.
The most important part of being a leader is managing your own psychology.
Don’t confuse self-doubt with self.
We are today writing the story of human history.